The Value in Email Marketing

January 31, 2013

Yesterday we sent this email blast to 1670 of our closest marketing list subscribers. It was pretty exciting for us because it was kind of a new leaf being turned over. With the dawn of the new year, we’ve made a commitment to communicate with our subscribers and followers on a more regular basis. So coming out of the gate strong in January was really important to us. In addition to kicking off the regular newsletter, we made some updates to our site that we launched yesterday. Simple things, like a blog that we’re writing in and case studies that highlight some exciting work we’ve done recently.

We really love email marketing – we do a ton of it for our clients and try to do it more and more for ourselves. It’s not like we don’t know the value in sending out regular email blasts with relevant content, it’s more that we get caught up in doing great work for our clients and don’t make the time to do it for ourselves. But, to help remind us of the value in marketing for ourselves, I wanted to just share some of the metrics from yesterday’s campaign. It’s important to remember, though, a single email blast (or even a year of monthly blasts) isn’t meant to get new business or new customers. It has to be meant to inform people, keep them up to date, and stay at the front of their minds.

Realtime-Email-Marketing-DataThis blast went out to 1670 subscribers. When the blast went out, some of us (ok, just me) sat in the conference room and watched it all unfold in realtime. On the TV we had the realtime view of our email blast being opened in WorldView, while on the laptop we watched the realtime Google Analytics traffic fluctuate. We had really great results from both the email and the traffic on the site. On an average weekday, we’ll usually see between 25 and 45 visitors, and they will usually spend an average of 2 minutes on the site per visit. That’s not too bad in my book. What happened yesterday is listed below.

Total subscribers: 1670
Total opens: 859 (410 unique) – 25.22%
Total clicks: 88 people – 12.46%
Unsubscribes: 12 people – 0.74%
Bounces: 44 – 2.63%
Spam reports: 0

Email blast opens over time

Figure 1: This shows the time lapse of people opening our campaign over time

Email blast URL clicks

Figure 2: This image shows the URL’s that people clicked on from within our email blast


Figure 3: This image shows the hourly traffic on our website from the day of the email blast – notice the huge spike at the 9am mark. That’s when the email blast went out.


Figure 4: This image shows our average daily traffic over the past week – notice the huge spike from January 30th

All in all, I’d call that a pretty successful day of email marketing for Fifth Room Creative. It put us in front of a ton of people’s eyes for a little bit, gave us an opportunity to show off the work we’ve done for our clients recently, and got people to our website with some new work and blog posts on it. We’ll be sending another one in February and updating the site on a regular basis. Please make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter (look to the left to sign up).

Steve Guberman

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