Interning with Fifth Room Creative

February 22, 2013

Unpaid internships. Many people believe that unpaid internships consist of either running errands (getting coffee), or even simply scamming college students into doing free work for them. Here at Fifth Room Creative, this is not the case.

kyleFifth Room is a very unique team of designers and programmers who are willing to help an intern learn and expand their knowledge in the professional creative world. Fifth Room Creative is a team of 7: a principal/creative director Steve Guberman, a senior web developer Mike Green, a junior web developer Ron de Leon, a graphic designer Emma Newton, a freelance designer Steve Morris, a bookkeeper Leanne Libertelli, and a mascot, Winnie Cooper. This is a team of creative professionals who always have a solution for clients, while making use of new technologies and trends in design.

In my first couple days, Steve had me learning how everything works here by jumping right in. He had me pitching in on layouts for email blasts, working in Illustrator on print work, and updating the Fifth Room portfolio online. Also, being a graphic design intern herself, Emma has been there helping with any questions or trouble I run into. She has explained several things in detail such as how to work on things in WordPress or how to use Basecamp to get information to and from clients.

Now midway through my second week at Fifth Room, I have already gained experience as well as learned many different aspects of how a professional design firm works. With that being said, Fifth Room Creative is perfect for any design intern out there.

Check back each week – I’ll be writing a new blog post about my experiences.

Kyle Everett

Kyle is the 2013 Spring Semester intern. He's on the verge of graduating from Montclair State University and is working at Fifth Room Creative this semester to get some real-world experience. At Fifth Room he'll work on branding, web design, email marketing and other fun and interactive projects. He's going to blog his way through the internship, so follow along.

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