Sometimes You Just Need a Break

February 20, 2013

Well we got that dumping of snow which meant… I had to head to New Hampshire to hit the slopes. Beyond my passion for design lies a deep love for winter and snowboarding. I actually feel coordinated flying down the mountain (which is surprising since Mike and Steve watched me trip up the stairs only a few weeks ago). The truth is, I think some of my love for the snowboarding atmosphere has something to do with my love for design. The boarder fashion is so outside the box and different. I am a color fanatic and while I do not need the 80s to return, the neons are definitely back and I don’t hate it. There is something young and don’t care about the boarder world.

Emma's BoardSnowboard graphics are a complete fascination to me. Every year they amaze me with what the graphics designers come up with. As a consumer, I’m are not going to buy a board that does not meet my needs on the mountain. I won’t buy a park-only board if I’m an all-mountain rider, and I won’t buy a size 155 if I need a 144, but… after I find that, it is all up to what pleases my eye. Rome’s 2013 Women’s boards have some really cool and intricate designs. The styles of the designers really vary, some are heavy illustrations others are all typography as graphics. In college I did a lot of projects targeted at snowboarders since I was able to use bright colors and fun line drawings that would speak to my audience. Board designers have to really know their target audience – who they are trying to speak to.

Snowboard ExamplesI tend to use TransWorldSNOWboarding as my reference, they have great articles that go into depth about the greatness of a board, while showing off the look. I’m truly able to get all the information I need. I have a great appreciation for that, since as a graphic designer I like to do the same thing. I want to show a client a great product that functions how they want it to. Graphic designers in every field of design have to make two worlds collide: the want of the client and the need of the consumer. I want an invitation that speaks to business people and says “important” but isn’t boring and tossed away. As a designer, I need to make these worlds work in unison. I factor your company, the event, and who your audience is. Check out our portfolio to see how we managed to do that for the Somerset County Business Partnership 2012 Annual Meeting.

Emma Newton

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