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January 24, 2013

Picatinny Federal Credit Union logoMembers Welcome
Picatinny Credit Union is a member owned, not-for-profit, financial institution run by a Volunteer Board of Directors. Picatinny has been faithfully serving members since 1939. They started as a small credit union, with one branch location serving the employees of Picatinny Arsenal. In 2005, the Credit Union was approved for a Community Charter. The Community Charter allowed them to open membership to anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school in Morris County and their immediate family members.

Today Picatinny Credit Union is a full service financial institution with 4 Branch Offices located in Rockaway, Denville, Mt. Olive and on Base at Picatinny Arsenal. They continue to serve their founding members, employees of Picatinny Arsenal, as well as the Morris County Community. Their profits still go back to their members in the form of great rates, fewer fees, convenient services and automatic enrollment into their Relationship Rewards program. Members come first in every decision they make, and their goal is to provide their members with outstanding value and service in everything that they do.
Picatinny Federal Credit Union Old and New Website

Broad Audience
The great thing about the Picatinny Credit Union is that it started out so small and grew based on its members. Their marketing challenges really took off when they opened to the general public of Morris County. They needed a broader message to connect with a much broader demographic. The website Picatinny had a year prior to the launch of this new site was a far cry from what they needed to tell their story and best serve their new members as well as attract new members.

Picatinny Federal Credit Union Website Wireframes

Our project with Picatinny began with some pretty extensive user research to learn what their members wanted and needed from a Credit Union website. The user research revealed that there was a lot of information the users wanted at their fingertips that just wasn’t there. It also revealed that the Credit Union wanted to show a lot of information in a much better way, and with much more flexibility and control.
Picatinny Federal Credit Union Loan Rates Page

Research and Testing
Once we got all this information about what the users want, what the client wants, and what we want, we put it into a plan that allowed it all to work together. We started with sketches, lots of them. We spent a few full days workshopping with the Picatinny marketing team on prioritizing the areas of the site that need to be on the homepage, the architecture of the overall site and its content, and the functionality that needed to be built into the overall site. The take-aways from these workshops were tons more sketches and notes that we were able to use for our wireframing and design strategies.

The actual design process for the Picatinny website began with some mood boards that allowed our team to really explore the colors, fonts, imagery style and textures that we wanted to use to best represent the brand on the new website. Based on client and user feedback, we knew that we wanted the site to be clean and refreshing, easy to use, and bright and positive. Mood boards presented to the Picatinny marketing team allowed us to show the best ways that we would be able to accomplish these goals.
Picatinny Federal Credit Union Visa Credit Card Page
Functional Development
The Fifth Room development team is involved in every step of the process on new websites for any of our clients. So while the design team was picking the right colors and lining up all of the pixels, the development team was busy aligning the funcional requirements and picking the right platforms to allow the client to easily manage their website. Since the Picatinny marketing team wanted to be able to build out the overall site from the theme that we were building, we had to make sure that the administrative area was as simple as possible. We chose WordPress as the right solution for their content management system. We were able to build out custom Pods for the custom types of content they would need to publish on their site.

Taking The Results To The Bank
The end result from the year of hard work was a site that met all of the Picatinny Marketing team’s objectives. It spoke to all of the demographics that were identified, allowed their internal team to easily build out the site and update the content on the fly, and most of all – the new site did a much better job of engaging current and potential members.
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Work Overview

  • Industry: Financial / Non-profit
  • Company Size: 1 - 50 employees
  • Project Timeframe: 1 year


  • User Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Web Design
  • CMS Integration
  • CMS Customization
  • Training


Thank you for helping us launch a great website!  We have only received limited feedback so far, but it all has been positive.  Members and employees like the look and feel of the site (clean/uncluttered) and they say they can navigate the site very easily.  That’s exactly what we were striving for, so thanks for helping us meet our goal and the expectations of our members. It has been a wonderful year and we couldn’t have completed the project without your help.  By the way, we had over 600 members sign up for Mobile Banking in 48 hours.  The email blast and landing page was a huge success!
— Karen Morano, VP Marketing

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